Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Letter a Day in May {Finished}

So here it is all finished!  I decided that I wasn't really wanting to put 30 little holes in the wall, so I mounted it on an old piece of fencing.  I added the {AND} and some little flowers here and there so that I had 30 little hoops to give me a deconstructed sampler.

Last night, I started on a new scarf in the seed stitch pattern.  I am thinking of making it random stripes.

I am actually thinking about combing the content of this blog to my Vintage Junky blog.  So, if that happens, I will just redirect this one there.  It is more to keep up with than I thought to have 2 blogs.  I thought keeping things separate would be easier, but it is just one more thing online to keep up with.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Letter a Day in May {X} {Y} and {Z}

The 26th day of May and I finished letter {Z} right on time.  We went out for much of the absolutely beautiful day yesterday, so I decided to post the last 3 letters all at once.

I really enjoyed making this sampler.  I now just have to block everything and get it mounted.  I plan to work on that today and tomorrow and have the final sampler finished early this week.  

Next month, I think I may try a new stitch a day.  I have a vintage book full of different stitches I haven't tried yet on any sampler.  Also, I have a pattern from purl that I want to start.  Plus, I have loads of pretty yarn just begging to get on needles.  So, I will definitely have something started soon.  

Friday, May 24, 2013

A Letter a Day in May {W}

So, I forgot to post {W} yesterday.  I get so distracted with stuff that I remember to take the photo once the letter is finished, but then don't remember to do the post.  I still will be finished right on time with the letters though.  This weekend in fact! I am pretty excited about that!!  I still haven't decided what my *challenge* will be for myself next month.  I really want to knit some things and that takes me so.long.  I try to not have more than one knitting/sewing/stitching project going at once because as much as I like the process, I also like having something finished and moving on the next project.  

So, I am off to finish up {X} and will probably post that tomorrow with {Y} since I am running out of daylight.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Letter a Day in May {V}

{V} is for very close to the end of the sampler and my May project.  This was a simple, curly sort of letter that I stitched in a stem stitch.  

that's all!  {W} tomorrow~

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A (couple of ) Letter (s) a Day in May {T} and {U}

So, I got distracted by watching the last episode of The Office on hulu last night and completely forgot to post my letter.  {T} was created by using the fly stitch... I think that is what most people call it anyhow.  It is one of my favorite stitches, especially when it is spread out along a line.  I added little wheels using the blanket stitch on the ends.

The {U} was created from a blanket stitch, chain stitch, stem stitch and back stitch.  I am hoping that once I block it the crowding on the right side will even out a bit.  If not, it was a pretty easy letter so I will just re stitch it.

I just got in a sampler from purl soho and some absolutely delicious yarns to make more scarves.  I am nearing the end of my Letter a Day project and have enjoyed keeping up with something nearly every day.  I may do a stitch dictionary next month.... one line of the same stitch each day and switch up the stitches... there are still a few that I haven't tried yet, let alone mastered.  

Back tomorrow with  {V}

Monday, May 20, 2013

Home Sweet Home

So, I finished my BIG project that I have been stitching.  It is a 15" vintage hoop with some happy colors and a simple sentiment.  I had originally planned on hanging this on the front door instead of a wreath, but I get a little wacky when watering my ferns, so I will need to put something a little more durable.  I only really like traditional wreaths at Christmas anyway, but I still like to have something on the blank blackness of my front door.

I stitched some parts really loosely and others more tightly.  I wanted it to look really sketchbook-y.

When I saw the cover of Country Living a few months ago with Reed Van Brunschot's work in embroidery and cross stitch, I knew I wanted to create something large.  Mine still isn't on the same scale size wise or artistically (I feel his are a little tongue in cheek *wink*)

And, I was also inspired by the lovely work of Anna Rifle Bond I love her florals and her colors that she uses.

I have to resize this pattern before I can make it available for all you stitchers out there.  I think it looks best BIG, but the hoop I had was a vintage and you don't find that size everyday.  Back later with my letter {T}

Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Letter a Day in May {S}

I finished up {S} today.  I may go back and clean up the edges a little of the satin stitch..... I didn't notice it as much until it was blown up to this size.  Ahhh.... the satin stitch and I aren't really friends when I am being rushed to go out and fight dragons with my little man.  I DID finish my other big project and will share tomorrow!