Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Knit and Purl: My first (and second) scarf

Hi there!  It is a snowy day and I am out of yarn to finish up my 2nd scarf ever, so I thought I would show the 1st one that I finished.  This little yellow one is for my little boy.... it was short and easy to finish.  Except for the crocheted edge.  I don't foresee learning crochet in the future... my wrist was killing me by the time the edging was complete.  Yellow is my boy's favorite color and this nubby cotton is super soft.

So, what to do after I finish my first scarf?  Move right on to the second of course!

I chose 2 super soft merinos and just started knitting a stockinette pattern like the last one.  I have been changing colors as I feel like it.  I need some more yarn to finish this one.

I bought even more yarn to knit up some more for Christmas presents.  I am planning on some new Thimbled stitching patterns in this next week or so and some fun stitching projects as well.

more soon~

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Inspired by: Blackwork

Lately I have been inspired by Blackwork embroidery.  The designs are so clean and simple and graphic.  It was typically black silk thread on even weave cloth.  I find that the designs are a mix between cross stitch and embroidery.  Not that I am really well read on the art, but I did read that Catherine of Aragon brought this needlework from Spain when she married that dog Henry VIII.  It was used on clothing... what you typically think of Renaissance wear.  

I love the repeated motifs in this sampler... so intricate!  I haven't ever done any counted cross stitch, but this seems similar.

I love how they filled in the leaves with a pattern.  I am going to have to attempt a true blackwork sampler soon.  I wonder if it will be too precise for my liking.

In the meantime, I took a cue from my very favorite flower, the Mona Lisa Anemone, and embroidered a little hoop.

I made lots and lots and lots of french knots!  I am sure satin stitching would have been faster, but I think I really just don't like the satin stitch!    I created another pattern to go with this one, but I got distracted by a couple balls of yarn and I am on my way to knitting my 2nd scarf!  I finished the first last week.  I have a sneaky suspicion that everyone will be getting  a scarf this year for Christmas! ha!

more soon~ Michelle

images of Blackwork embroidery and anemones can be found on my Pinterest boards.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Stitches

Hi there!  I have been stitching a lot lately.  Mainly I have been knitting stitches on my very first scarf!  I love knitting!  I hope to finish the edging tomorrow and block it too.  I have been doing some embroidery too... here are a couple...

Shortly after my little man was born, I came across this quote by Thoreau.  Or maybe I just realized how perfect it was for my wild one.  I had been wanting to do something with twiggy type letters and leaves.  I put a special little message on the back of this one in embroidery and the original is in his room.

I had also been wanting to something girly.  I am surrounded by 2 boys day in and day out.  And, while I love trains and trucks and don't mind getting dirty, sometimes you just need a girl day or a bow or both!  I had fun choosing the colors and embroidering various sized bows.

I hope to have a sort of ongoing project up soon... I am almost finished choosing the stitches and making the patterns.  And, maybe my scarf will be finished and presentable too!

bye for now~