Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Stitches

Hi there!  I have been stitching a lot lately.  Mainly I have been knitting stitches on my very first scarf!  I love knitting!  I hope to finish the edging tomorrow and block it too.  I have been doing some embroidery too... here are a couple...

Shortly after my little man was born, I came across this quote by Thoreau.  Or maybe I just realized how perfect it was for my wild one.  I had been wanting to do something with twiggy type letters and leaves.  I put a special little message on the back of this one in embroidery and the original is in his room.

I had also been wanting to something girly.  I am surrounded by 2 boys day in and day out.  And, while I love trains and trucks and don't mind getting dirty, sometimes you just need a girl day or a bow or both!  I had fun choosing the colors and embroidering various sized bows.

I hope to have a sort of ongoing project up soon... I am almost finished choosing the stitches and making the patterns.  And, maybe my scarf will be finished and presentable too!

bye for now~

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  1. These are lovely, especially the bows!! Too cute! xo Heather