Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Knit and Purl: My first (and second) scarf

Hi there!  It is a snowy day and I am out of yarn to finish up my 2nd scarf ever, so I thought I would show the 1st one that I finished.  This little yellow one is for my little boy.... it was short and easy to finish.  Except for the crocheted edge.  I don't foresee learning crochet in the future... my wrist was killing me by the time the edging was complete.  Yellow is my boy's favorite color and this nubby cotton is super soft.

So, what to do after I finish my first scarf?  Move right on to the second of course!

I chose 2 super soft merinos and just started knitting a stockinette pattern like the last one.  I have been changing colors as I feel like it.  I need some more yarn to finish this one.

I bought even more yarn to knit up some more for Christmas presents.  I am planning on some new Thimbled stitching patterns in this next week or so and some fun stitching projects as well.

more soon~

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