Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Letter a Day in May {Finished}

So here it is all finished!  I decided that I wasn't really wanting to put 30 little holes in the wall, so I mounted it on an old piece of fencing.  I added the {AND} and some little flowers here and there so that I had 30 little hoops to give me a deconstructed sampler.

Last night, I started on a new scarf in the seed stitch pattern.  I am thinking of making it random stripes.

I am actually thinking about combing the content of this blog to my Vintage Junky blog.  So, if that happens, I will just redirect this one there.  It is more to keep up with than I thought to have 2 blogs.  I thought keeping things separate would be easier, but it is just one more thing online to keep up with.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Letter a Day in May {X} {Y} and {Z}

The 26th day of May and I finished letter {Z} right on time.  We went out for much of the absolutely beautiful day yesterday, so I decided to post the last 3 letters all at once.

I really enjoyed making this sampler.  I now just have to block everything and get it mounted.  I plan to work on that today and tomorrow and have the final sampler finished early this week.  

Next month, I think I may try a new stitch a day.  I have a vintage book full of different stitches I haven't tried yet on any sampler.  Also, I have a pattern from purl that I want to start.  Plus, I have loads of pretty yarn just begging to get on needles.  So, I will definitely have something started soon.  

Friday, May 24, 2013

A Letter a Day in May {W}

So, I forgot to post {W} yesterday.  I get so distracted with stuff that I remember to take the photo once the letter is finished, but then don't remember to do the post.  I still will be finished right on time with the letters though.  This weekend in fact! I am pretty excited about that!!  I still haven't decided what my *challenge* will be for myself next month.  I really want to knit some things and that takes me so.long.  I try to not have more than one knitting/sewing/stitching project going at once because as much as I like the process, I also like having something finished and moving on the next project.  

So, I am off to finish up {X} and will probably post that tomorrow with {Y} since I am running out of daylight.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Letter a Day in May {V}

{V} is for very close to the end of the sampler and my May project.  This was a simple, curly sort of letter that I stitched in a stem stitch.  

that's all!  {W} tomorrow~

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A (couple of ) Letter (s) a Day in May {T} and {U}

So, I got distracted by watching the last episode of The Office on hulu last night and completely forgot to post my letter.  {T} was created by using the fly stitch... I think that is what most people call it anyhow.  It is one of my favorite stitches, especially when it is spread out along a line.  I added little wheels using the blanket stitch on the ends.

The {U} was created from a blanket stitch, chain stitch, stem stitch and back stitch.  I am hoping that once I block it the crowding on the right side will even out a bit.  If not, it was a pretty easy letter so I will just re stitch it.

I just got in a sampler from purl soho and some absolutely delicious yarns to make more scarves.  I am nearing the end of my Letter a Day project and have enjoyed keeping up with something nearly every day.  I may do a stitch dictionary next month.... one line of the same stitch each day and switch up the stitches... there are still a few that I haven't tried yet, let alone mastered.  

Back tomorrow with  {V}

Monday, May 20, 2013

Home Sweet Home

So, I finished my BIG project that I have been stitching.  It is a 15" vintage hoop with some happy colors and a simple sentiment.  I had originally planned on hanging this on the front door instead of a wreath, but I get a little wacky when watering my ferns, so I will need to put something a little more durable.  I only really like traditional wreaths at Christmas anyway, but I still like to have something on the blank blackness of my front door.

I stitched some parts really loosely and others more tightly.  I wanted it to look really sketchbook-y.

When I saw the cover of Country Living a few months ago with Reed Van Brunschot's work in embroidery and cross stitch, I knew I wanted to create something large.  Mine still isn't on the same scale size wise or artistically (I feel his are a little tongue in cheek *wink*)

And, I was also inspired by the lovely work of Anna Rifle Bond I love her florals and her colors that she uses.

I have to resize this pattern before I can make it available for all you stitchers out there.  I think it looks best BIG, but the hoop I had was a vintage and you don't find that size everyday.  Back later with my letter {T}

Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Letter a Day in May {S}

I finished up {S} today.  I may go back and clean up the edges a little of the satin stitch..... I didn't notice it as much until it was blown up to this size.  Ahhh.... the satin stitch and I aren't really friends when I am being rushed to go out and fight dragons with my little man.  I DID finish my other big project and will share tomorrow!  

Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Letter a Day in May {R}

Today's letter is {R}  Just a little bit of criss crossing as an accent.  Pretty simple.

We had a fun day vintage hunting and I looked through stacks of vintage embroidery for inspiration.  There was quite a bit of cross stitch used and it is something I haven't tried yet.  So, I may try a bit of that for fun after I am finished with my current stitching projects.

Friday, May 17, 2013

A Letter a Day in May {Q}

I finished {Q} during a quiet, rainy spring day.  I have always liked the letter {Q}  It is like the sassy sister of {O}.

I used stem, back and a sort of fly stitch on the middle of the {Q's} swoop.  And, speaking of flies, I am battling what I think are fungus gnats on some succulents in my house.  Grrr..... looked up a few natural remedies and hoping that diluted dish liquid and cinnamon will do the trick.  These gnats are driving us batty!

Back tomorrow with {R}

Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Letter a Day in May {P}

Hmmm.... what to say about {P}  immediately I think of the word Peachy.  And Perfect.  Which makes me think of Mary Poppins... Practically Perfect in Every Way.  I like this letter.  

I am getting close to the end and will soon be able to finish my other Big Big project.  I love summertime stitching!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Letter a Day in May {O}

Finished {O} outside under the string of lights while it was getting dark.  I simply stem stitched the whole letter in white.  It was a pretty night to stitch.  

I haven't had much time to put into my other big project and I have yarn on the way too.  New yarn that I am super excited about.  And some other stitching patterns.  I can't wait!

A Letter a Day in May {N}

I don't have any sentimental attachment to the letter {N} but this is one of my favorite designs so far.  I used the same type of flower design as letter {D} 

After today, I will hopefully be back on track with the posting.  I have {O} to complete for the day. 

A Letter a Day in May {M}

Well, I totally forgot to post the past 2 days letters.  {M} is for my name, so I chain stitched it in my favorite color and added a little yellowy splash.  I am about halfway through and I am so glad I chose May to do this little project.  Summertime seems like stitching time.  And, I have a few extra days in case I forget to post after a lovely day that we spent out in the sunshine.

I restitched my {L} as I mentioned in the last post that I wasn't entirely happy with it.  I modified the design while I was stitching it the first time and I should have gone with the original.  Here it is in it's original design with different stitches and I like it much better.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Letter a Day in May {J, K, L}

Hello~  I stayed on course with stitching, just not posting the letters this last week as it has been a bit hectic.  I love how {J} and {K} turned out, but {L} is my least favorite so far.  I loved the sketch of it before I stitched it, so I think it must be the color or maybe not the right stitch choice for the design.  So, it may get changed in the future.  I am kicking myself for not getting a cool old owl crewel kit while antiquing today.  Tomorrow I will be back with {M}

Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Letter a Day in May {I}

I have to be honest.  I don't LOVE the satin stitch.  It seems a little tedious and even though it is simple, it isn't easy to make it look nice.  Which is probably why I like working with crewel wool... it fills in the area so nicely and quickly too.

So, here is my little {I} today.  

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Letter a Day in May {H}

I like the letter {H} due to my last name.... or the last name I took.  So, I did this in a happy little chain stitch with one of my favorite color combinations.  I

I am also in the midst of working on a big sampler/ design that I hope to be finished with next week.  It is one of the largest that I have tackled.  And, I have some new yarn and square needles calling my name every time I pass.  Oh, there is not enough time for all the things my hands want to do!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Letter a Day in May {G}

It was late and dark when I finished up this curly -twirly {G} I kept this one all in white so it reminds me of lace or doilies.

Monday, May 6, 2013

A Letter a Day in May {F}

Simple stem stitched {F}  pretty easy!  I think I am finished adding colors and will just be repeating colors from the other letters from this point on.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Letter a Day in May {E}

I finished off {E} after a long day at the workshop cleaning and organizing.  Just some chains and some lazy daisies.  Be back tomorrow with {F}

Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Letter a Day in May {D}

{D} took me the longest so far of any of the letters.  Which was perfectly fine on this cold, rainy day today.  I used a swirly stem stitch for the flowers to give them a rose like look and added little leaves all around. See you tomorrow with {E}

Friday, May 3, 2013

A Letter a Day in May {C}

I can't really talk about this letter without singing.....

C is for Cookie, that's good enough for me
C is for Cookie, that's good enough for me
C is for Cookie, that's good enough for me....
OOOOH cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C

I think that is how is goes... that is how we sing it here.  Any whoo, This little {C} was a vine-y little flower stem.  I love doing vine-y things and leaves.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Letter a Day in May {B}

Today I chose my favorite shade of yellow for {B} Mustardy, wool-y yellow floss.  I simply backstitched and it was complete.  I had to hold myself back from moving right along to {C} Tomorrow will come soon enough *wink*

ps. For the floss, I used Appleton Crewel Wool

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Letter a Day in May {A}

This is a little project that I have wanted to start for awhile and I finally got it together to start it at the beginning of the month.  So, if I keep up with it, I can have a finished sampler by the end of the month. And, one letter a day is totally doable.  And I am happy I waited until May so I could rhyme it! I haven't really planned out colors totally and stitches, but I do have the typography I want to use for the whole month.  Back tomorrow with {B}

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A manly scarf

I know, it doesn't look too manly up there on the dress form standing in front of a yellow heart in a chippy silver leafed frame, but trust me it is a manly, fisherman worthy scarf.  Or at least I think the wool used is typically used for fisherman sweaters.  I don't really want to give it to a fisherman to try out since he might lose it and I would be out of hours HOURS of knitting. I knitted up this scarf for the Mr.  I found a yarn that I loved and then tried to find a pattern that I thought would be easy enough for my distracted self to follow. I found the pattern on Purl and it was a Mistake Stitch.  I had to start over a few times due to distractions, but I finally used up that gigantic ball of yarn.  And, I like this scarf so much I have a feeling I will be borrowing it next winter.

Now, I am back to stitching.  I just finished tracing off and placing the first stitches on my biggest hoop yet!  I do love knitting, but it is much easier to be distracted stitching.... I know better how to fix my mistakes!

in case you are wondering, I modified the yarn and the needle size on this scarf.  I used nearly all 478 yards of Cascade Yarns Ecological Wool (undyed Peruvian Highland in shade 9006) and I used size 10 straight needles.  Other than that, I followed the the pattern.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Never Ending Scarf

So, I haven't been stitching that much lately.  I have big plans to stitch, but I get lured by my knitting projects. I like to work on something until it is finished.  Much how I am with reading.... I rarely have several books going at once.  I like to until I am finished. So, that is how I approach projects.  Knitting takes me much, much longer than stitching and my 2nd scarf felt like it was never going to be complete.  I wanted something striped and I changed between the peony pink and the golden yellow several times.  I have started on my 3rd and am about halfway through it.  Seriously, everyone is getting a scarf for Christmas this year!

Learning to knit has been on my bucket list for so very long and I am so glad that I finally learned.  I don't know if I will ever move past scarfs (ie square and rectangle projects) but I do love it!  I love the process.  I love buying the yarn and choosing what stitches to use.  It is just so enjoyable.  Be back soon to share my 3rd scarf (it is for the Mr!)

~ Michelle

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Knit and Purl: My first (and second) scarf

Hi there!  It is a snowy day and I am out of yarn to finish up my 2nd scarf ever, so I thought I would show the 1st one that I finished.  This little yellow one is for my little boy.... it was short and easy to finish.  Except for the crocheted edge.  I don't foresee learning crochet in the future... my wrist was killing me by the time the edging was complete.  Yellow is my boy's favorite color and this nubby cotton is super soft.

So, what to do after I finish my first scarf?  Move right on to the second of course!

I chose 2 super soft merinos and just started knitting a stockinette pattern like the last one.  I have been changing colors as I feel like it.  I need some more yarn to finish this one.

I bought even more yarn to knit up some more for Christmas presents.  I am planning on some new Thimbled stitching patterns in this next week or so and some fun stitching projects as well.

more soon~

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Inspired by: Blackwork

Lately I have been inspired by Blackwork embroidery.  The designs are so clean and simple and graphic.  It was typically black silk thread on even weave cloth.  I find that the designs are a mix between cross stitch and embroidery.  Not that I am really well read on the art, but I did read that Catherine of Aragon brought this needlework from Spain when she married that dog Henry VIII.  It was used on clothing... what you typically think of Renaissance wear.  

I love the repeated motifs in this sampler... so intricate!  I haven't ever done any counted cross stitch, but this seems similar.

I love how they filled in the leaves with a pattern.  I am going to have to attempt a true blackwork sampler soon.  I wonder if it will be too precise for my liking.

In the meantime, I took a cue from my very favorite flower, the Mona Lisa Anemone, and embroidered a little hoop.

I made lots and lots and lots of french knots!  I am sure satin stitching would have been faster, but I think I really just don't like the satin stitch!    I created another pattern to go with this one, but I got distracted by a couple balls of yarn and I am on my way to knitting my 2nd scarf!  I finished the first last week.  I have a sneaky suspicion that everyone will be getting  a scarf this year for Christmas! ha!

more soon~ Michelle

images of Blackwork embroidery and anemones can be found on my Pinterest boards.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Stitches

Hi there!  I have been stitching a lot lately.  Mainly I have been knitting stitches on my very first scarf!  I love knitting!  I hope to finish the edging tomorrow and block it too.  I have been doing some embroidery too... here are a couple...

Shortly after my little man was born, I came across this quote by Thoreau.  Or maybe I just realized how perfect it was for my wild one.  I had been wanting to do something with twiggy type letters and leaves.  I put a special little message on the back of this one in embroidery and the original is in his room.

I had also been wanting to something girly.  I am surrounded by 2 boys day in and day out.  And, while I love trains and trucks and don't mind getting dirty, sometimes you just need a girl day or a bow or both!  I had fun choosing the colors and embroidering various sized bows.

I hope to have a sort of ongoing project up soon... I am almost finished choosing the stitches and making the patterns.  And, maybe my scarf will be finished and presentable too!

bye for now~

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

First Stitch

Hello there!  I am considering this post my first stitch on my new blog.  I also blog at Vintage Junky.  I felt that I should separate the two since that blog is mainly a mismash of vintage finds and home and a bit of rambling.  I suppose I will ramble a bit here too, but I wanted to keep this mainly devoted to embroidery with a little bit of sewing and perhaps just a bit of knitting. I just learned a little knitting last night and I am hooked!  Of course, I don't know what to do when I need to remove it from the needles, but I am sure that will come in good time.  I have a few fun projects lined up for this blog and hope to share them in the coming days and weeks.  I am so glad you have found me here and hope you enjoy!


(I will hook up a super fun siggy in the next few weeks... I am still playing around with the layout and design of this blog!)