Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Letter a Day in May {Finished}

So here it is all finished!  I decided that I wasn't really wanting to put 30 little holes in the wall, so I mounted it on an old piece of fencing.  I added the {AND} and some little flowers here and there so that I had 30 little hoops to give me a deconstructed sampler.

Last night, I started on a new scarf in the seed stitch pattern.  I am thinking of making it random stripes.

I am actually thinking about combing the content of this blog to my Vintage Junky blog.  So, if that happens, I will just redirect this one there.  It is more to keep up with than I thought to have 2 blogs.  I thought keeping things separate would be easier, but it is just one more thing online to keep up with.


  1. They look so beautiful all together!!! xo Heather

  2. I know that you combined this with your main blog, but I thought this comment fit best here. I read recently that we actually used to have the ampersand symbol in our alphabet until around the late 1800s, I believe. Just thought that could be a cool idea for another of these :)