Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Letter a Day in May {X} {Y} and {Z}

The 26th day of May and I finished letter {Z} right on time.  We went out for much of the absolutely beautiful day yesterday, so I decided to post the last 3 letters all at once.

I really enjoyed making this sampler.  I now just have to block everything and get it mounted.  I plan to work on that today and tomorrow and have the final sampler finished early this week.  

Next month, I think I may try a new stitch a day.  I have a vintage book full of different stitches I haven't tried yet on any sampler.  Also, I have a pattern from purl that I want to start.  Plus, I have loads of pretty yarn just begging to get on needles.  So, I will definitely have something started soon.  

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