Friday, May 24, 2013

A Letter a Day in May {W}

So, I forgot to post {W} yesterday.  I get so distracted with stuff that I remember to take the photo once the letter is finished, but then don't remember to do the post.  I still will be finished right on time with the letters though.  This weekend in fact! I am pretty excited about that!!  I still haven't decided what my *challenge* will be for myself next month.  I really want to knit some things and that takes me so.long.  I try to not have more than one knitting/sewing/stitching project going at once because as much as I like the process, I also like having something finished and moving on the next project.  

So, I am off to finish up {X} and will probably post that tomorrow with {Y} since I am running out of daylight.

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